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Posted on 20th September 2022

One of the most common things I hear from women is that they don’t want to diet BUT they don’t know what they should be eating instead. They have been following food rules for so long that when those rules are removed they have no clue where to start with what to eat! As women we have become so disconnected from our bodies that the thought of living without diets and food rules leaves us feeling lost and confused. We want to be healthy and do the best for our bodies but where to start??!

Fear not gorgeous, I got you!! In truth you should be eating whatever makes your body feel good. Whatever makes you feel alive, sexy and the best you can. You want to be eating food that is satisfying and creating a way of eating that you never want to take a break from, so let’s be honest, this needs to be some dam delicious, nourishing and tasty AF food!! That’s why today I’m giving you my top 5 recipe sites and cookbook recommendations to help you start creating a life of food that you love! Enjoy!

The Kitchen Shed

This site is a great place to start if you just want some simple, healthy recipes that use ingredients you’ve probably already got at home. Be sure to check out the turkey cranberry meatballs!

Wholeheartedly Laura

Laura creates delicious recipes that including blueberry and banana pancakes and flafel meatballs with pesto and courgette noodles - what’s not to love!!

Madeline Shaw

Okay, I’m the biggest girl fan of Madeline Shaw EVER!! I use her cookbooks daily and find her recipes really accessible and easy to make. I adore her steamed snapper parcels and fishcakes with carrot slaw!

Healthy Living James

James creates recipes that are free from diary, gluten, refined sugar and meat. They are super tasty and your body will love all the good stuff he packs them with! You must check out chocolate ganache cake, totes divine!!

Deliciously Ella

If you haven’t heard of Deliciously Ella you really should check her out. I love making her Kale Salad from her first book and she’s got a whole book dedicated to smoothies! Simply put, her recipes are the bomb!

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