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Sick of always being on a diet, following food rules and obsessing about your body? Tired of looking in the mirror and hating what you see? Wish you could find a way to enjoy food without the guilt AND love your body?
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Can you relate?

This is it! You’re ready to start your new diet tomorrow and this time you’re going to stick to it! You’ve thrown out the crap (or eaten every last bit of it as you can’t possibly have it in the house, and after all, this is your last weekend of ‘bad’ food!) and you’ve planned your meals for the week. You may even have packed your gym bag ready for tomorrow – you are unstoppable and you’re FINALLY going to get that dream bod!

Fast forward to the weekend and all you want is that glass of wine, a slice of cake and to give up that early morning gymclass for a nice lie in. You're left wondering where all your will power went and why you can’t ever stick to a diet. You vow that come Monday things will be different. Sound familiar?

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Do you?

  • Live your life constantly on or off a diet either being good or bad?
  • Spend every weekend eating and drinking whatever the hell you want and then vowing to start a new diet every Monday?
  • Feel guilty whenever you eat something ‘bad’ and tell yourself it’s because you didn’t have enough willpower to resist?
  • Find yourself ‘out of control’ and don’t know what to do without food rules or diets?
  • Overeat and sabotage your own efforts even when you’re trying really hard to stick to your diet?
  • Hate what you see in the mirror and feel desperate to change it?
  • Wish there was a way that you didn’t have to ever diet ever again but still look and feel amazing?
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Well what if there was another way?

A way to live free from diets, to never feel guilty around food and look at yourself in the mirror and love your body. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

It can totally be that way gorgeous lady! I’m here to help you break free from the ties ofdieting, food rules, self- hatred and show you the happiness and freedom that exists once youlet go of the rules!

I can help you:

  • Quit dieting and live a life of health, abundance and freedom without rules
  • Shift your mindset around food, your body and exercise and actually start to love themagain!
  • Shut out negative self-talk and love your body
  • Stop self-sabotage and feeling guilty around food
  • Create a life and body you love - chocolate cake and all!

If you’re thinking hell yeah, gimme a piece of that then I’m here to coach you into a food freedom warrior and self-love queen!

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Here's how it works

Over the course of 3 months we will have two 45 minute coaching sessions a month, either via Skype or Facetime. During these calls we will discuss your story and mindset around food and your body, uncover the reasons behind your need to diet and discover why you feel the way you do about food and your body. We’ll set goals and create actions to help you move towards a happier, guilt free life around food.

As a result of this you will:

  • End the diet cycle and give up diets, rules and programs
  • Stop starting again on Monday
  • Learn to eat healthy but not obsessively - feed the body and the soul
  • Not feel guilt around food or other choices anymore – e.g. ordering dessert, skippingthe gym, drinking etc
  • Stop overeating and emotional eating
  • Accept yourself, look at yourself with love and compassion
  • Stop weighing yourself
  • Enjoy exercise and moving your body
  • Stop being all or nothing with food, good/bad or on/off the wagon
  • Stop waiting for cheat meals/days/special occasions – live in the now!
  • Take responsibility for your choices
  • Feel proud about the way you look
  • See food as just food
  • Gain bucket loads of self-esteem and confidence
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During your 3 month coaching program we will cover:

What’s your story and why you feel the need to diet

We’ll look at how you view food, how it makes you feel and delve into your reasons around dieting, rules and restrictions.

Getting out of the dieting mindset and intuitive eating

An introduction to intuitive eating, where you’ll learn how to stop the rules, trust your body, tune into how you feel and eat without shame or guilt.

Body acceptance and self-love

We’ll delve into how you feel about your body and explore how you can change this. You’ll learn tools for shifting your mindset, repairing your relationship with yourself and loving your gorgeous body.

Your relationship with exercise and movement

Here you’ll learn how to enjoy exercise and find a way to move that feels good for you.


Overeating, emotional eating and self-sabotage

We’ll get to the bottom of why all these things happen and look at strategies for reclaiming control and making peace with food so you can focus on health and not weight.

Finding a healthy balance

We’ll explore what balance means for you, respecting your body enough to eat well and the need for soul food (aka ‘bad’ food).

How to deal with the real world

I’ll give you plenty of tips and strategies for dealing with friends on diets, eating out, holidays, office slimming clubs and any other real world problems you might face.

Coaching creates a safe space for you to be able to explore this step by step process without losing control. You can relearn how to get in tune with your body, without the rules, and focus on feeling amazing!

With all this you’ll also receive unlimited email and whats app support.

The 3 month program costs £750 or 3 equal installments of £250.

Book a free call to find out more and see if coaching is right for you.

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Why work with me?

I’m Sam! I’m a qualified health coach, personal trainer and ex yo-yo dieter. I love the sunshine, chocolate yule log and my pug Frank all in equal measures and I’m a total freedom and self love advocate. Before intuitive eating I went through nearly 20 years of food obsession, diets and body hatred! My worth was totally determined by how much I weighed or what I looked liked – it was all consuming and it was miserable. So I totally get what you’re going through and I want to help you break free from that life and get you into this place of no diets, body love and happiness – because trust me it’s totally magical!

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So who is intuitive eating for?

Intuitive eating is for women who:

  • Want to stop dieting and start living again
  • Are ready to take big action and are dedicated to making a change
  • Are ready to show up for themselves
  • Have not been diagnosed with ED, but who feel that their relationship with food is unhealthy and having a negative impact on their life
  • Feel that food and diets run their life and just want to know how to be healthy and love themselves without the obsession
  • Are tired of being on and off the wagon, who want to get rid of the guilt of eating certain foods, not exercising enough or not looking a certain way
  • Want to learn to accept and love themselves
  • Want to learn how to love moving and exercising their bodies – (no gym membership required!)
  • Transform their mindset around food, exercise and their body

Who is intuitive eating not for?

  • If you are looking for a quick fix or magic pills then this programme is not for you. I will be creating the space, holding you accountable and giving you the steps - but you’re the one who will have to take them. You’ll need to show up for you.
  • This programme is not suitable for women who have a diagnosed eating disorder of any kind.
  • This intuitive eating programme is not for women who are looking for their next diet or way to lose weight. Although you may well lose weight during our work this is not the aim of the programme and the changes we are creating are in your mindset, behaviour and outlook!
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Want to know more?


Can I be coached in person?

I live in the south of England and unfortunately even if you do live locally to me, I prefer to keep sessions using Skype or FaceTime, rather than charge you the extra travel and time costs that would need to be covered for in person sessions. I’m also dedicated to keeping our discussions confidential and private which can be hard when using a public space for a session.

But if I stop following rules won’t I just lose control and end up eating EVERYTHING?

I totally understand the fear of losing control and gaining loads of weight, but trust me, this is so unlikely to happen, trusting your body and trusting yourself are a big part of intuitive eating and if you commit to learning to do both these things, you won’t end up eating everything in sight surrounded by sweet wrappers staring at old pictures of yourself and wishing you were back there!

Will I gain weight?

Whilst I can’t promise you won’t put on a couple of pounds I can promise to be there to help you stay in control, and you won’t end up a huge version of yourself that you hate.

How do I sign up?

Just click here to sign up for an initial consultation and take the first step towards leaving diets and food obsession behind!

I still have more questions, how can I get in touch before I sign up

I’d love to hear from you so please use the contact page to ask me any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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