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Hi I'm Sam

My aim is to inspire women to be the best they can be through exercising regularly, eating well and taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s what allows you to live a full, energized and happy life. It is one of the key components to feeling balanced and whole (along with good nutrition, sleep and mental wellbeing). Not only does working out and moving your body allow you to feel better it is a huge (reliever of stress), a time to escape and gain some ‘me’ time, and a fantastic way to build confidence.

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Personal Training

I offer fully private personal training in Bedhampton to clients looking to make a lifestyle change no matter what your goal is. I work with you one on one to motivate, inspire & educate you to push through your physical & mental barriers in & outside of the gym.

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When it comes to health and well being food plays a vital role, but it’s not just about the food you are putting into your body, more than that it’s about your relationship with food. I believe that every women should have a healthy, balanced relationship with food. 

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One of my main passions and something I believe every women should learn to do is strength training, aka lifting weights. As women we often think that this form of exercise is just for body builders or those who want to get big and muscly. This is one of the biggest myths out there!

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Intuitive Eating

Sick of always being on a diet, following food rules and obsessing about your body? Tired of looking in the mirror and hating what you see? Wish you could find a way to enjoy food without the guilt AND love your body?

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Jayne L.

I thoroughly enjoyed every hour I spent with Sam. I was nervous to start with as I had never been to a PT and hadn’t been to the gym since we went into the first lockdown. I felt unfit. Sam changed that. She tailored the sessions for my fitness level and it was amazing how week by week there was such an improvement. Her home gym is private and welcoming. Sam also helped me think of food in a different way. Definitely no more ‘diets’ for me.  

Kelly S.

Sam is an amazing and friendly coach who works you fair but firm!! She tailors my workouts to accommodate my medical boundaries and pushes me when I need it! I’ve been going to Sam in her private gym for nearly a year and have found my fitness and stamina have improved a lot. She has everything you’d need and expect in a full sized gym!  

Heather P.

I've had the privilege of knowing Sam for a few years, we first met when I went to one of her workshops about body confidence and self love. I then went on to work with her 1 on 1 and then started PT sessions too! Sam just has a way about her, she makes you question any negative thoughts about yourself and really helps boost your confidence and feelings of self worth.  

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